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    Portable EV Charger

    O2 Charge AmpArcade A05

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    Charge Station

    O2 Charge AmpArcade A04

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AC EV Home charger E17

سعر عادي €799,00 EUR
سعر البيع €799,00 EUR سعر عادي €999,00 EUR
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AC EV Home charger E17

AC EV Home charger E17 wall-mounted Home EV Charger, your ultimate solution for fast, reliable, and convenient electric vehicle charging right at home. This sleek and cutting-edge charger is designed to provide seamless charging for your electric vehicle, offering a range of features that make it stand out from the rest.

Introducing our cutting-edge Electric Vehicle Charging Station, which is designed to transform your charging experience. This powerhouse operates at 230V and 23Amps and includes an automatic cable rewinding mechanism for easy storage and organizing after each usage. With Smart Charging, you can schedule charging periods and alter current settings from 6 to 32Amps, allowing you to create tailored charging solutions to meet your specific demands.

Our Charging Station fulfills the highest safety standards, with CE, Energy Star, FCC, and IP65 certifications, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind. With LED indications, it easily indicates the charge state, keeping you informed at a glance. Furthermore, with Type B AC30mA+DC6mA leakage protection, safety is addressed at all stages of the charging process.

Our Electric Vehicle Charging Station offers unprecedented convenience, safety, and efficiency. Upgrade your charging system today and feel confident about the future of electric mobility.

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