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    Portable EV Charger

    O2 Charge AmpArcade A05

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    Charge Station

    O2 Charge AmpArcade A04

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O2 Charge AmpArcade A01

Normal fiyat €4.499,00 EUR
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Introducing the O2Charge AmpArcade A01 – an innovative solution revolutionizing your charging experience.

Innovative Dual Socket Design: The O2Charge AmpArcade A01 stands out with its cutting-edge design, featuring two sockets for simultaneous charging, making it an ideal choice for business use. Enjoy the convenience of charging two vehicles with one innovative device.

Intelligent App Control: Take charge with intelligent App control, allowing seamless management of your charging sessions. Business use becomes more efficient as you monitor, control, and customize charging preferences, all at your fingertips.

Secure and Safe Charging: Prioritizing safety, the charger is equipped with RCD Type A and 6mA DC residual current protection. The MID-certified energy meter ensures accurate measurement, providing a secure charging environment for both you and your vehicle.

Smart Communication Options: Stay connected with Ethernet, 4G, and Wifi communication support. The OCPP communication protocol, combined with a Charge Management System (CMS), enhances intelligent operations. Enjoy the convenience of cashless payments for a hassle-free experience.

Flexible Operation: Tailor your charging experience with flexible options. Whether it's App operation, RFID authentication, or Plug & Play simplicity, the O2Charge AmpArcade A01 adapts to your preferences. Customize your device with different color paintings to match your aesthetic.

Upgrade your charging infrastructure with the O2Charge AmpArcade A01 – where innovation meets intelligence for a secure, efficient, and personalized charging experience.


PARAMETERS A61W132 EN 18 -DB A61W332 EN 18 -DB
Power Supply  1P+N+PE 3P+N+PE
Rate Voltage  230VAC 400VAC
Rated Current 64A 64A
Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Output Volatge 230VAC 400VAC
Maximum Current  2x32A 2x32A
Rated power 2x7KW 2x22KW
Charge Connector Type2 socket Type2 socket
Enclosure Galvanized Steel Galvanized Steel
Left/Right Panel Temper Glass Temper Glass
LED Indicator  Green/Yellow/Red Green/Yellow/Red
LCD Display 2.7"Black& White screen 2.7"Black& White screen
RFID Reader Mifarel SO/IEC 14443A Mifarel SO/IEC 14443A
Start Mode Plug& Play/RFID card/App
Emergency Stop No No
Wifi Yes Yes
Ethernet Yes Yes
3G/4G Yes Yes
OCPP OCPP1.6j(OCPP2.0 upgradable)
Energy Meter MID Certified MID Certified
RCD 30Ma type A+ 6mA DC 30Ma type A+ 6mA DC
Ingress Protection IP54 IP54
Impact Protection IK08 IK08
Electrical Protection  8 8
Certification  CE CE
Certification Standard ENIEC 61851-1:2019 , IEC 61851-1:2017 , EC 61851 -21-2:2018  
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years
Installation Floor Stand Floor Stand
Work Temperature -30°C+50°C -30°C+50°C
Work Humidity 5%-95% 5%-95%
Work Altitude <2000m <2000m
Product Dimension 1200*290*230mm(H*W*D) 1200*290*230mm(H*W*D)
Package Dimension 1360*460*470 mm(L*W*H) 1360*460*470 mm(L*W*H)
New Weight 28.5kg 28.5kg
Gross Weight 48.5kg 48.5kg
External Packge  Wood case Wood case


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