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    Portable EV Charger

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O2 Charge Home EV (US)

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Introducing the O2 Charge Home EV, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize your electric vehicle charging experience. Safety is paramount, and this charging station boasts Type A+DC 6mA leakage protection, ensuring secure and safe operation for you and your vehicle.

Unrivaled in its category, the 02 Charge Home EV stands as the premier choice for home and private use. Its sleek design and robust construction make it the best charging station available. With a focus on simplicity and intelligence, the accompanying home use app provides seamless Bluetooth control of the wallbox, allowing for effortless management of your charging needs. Additionally, the Dynamic Load Balance feature ensures optimal performance and efficiency.

Flexibility is key, and the 02 Charge Home EV offers a range of options to suit your preferences. Whether you require a Type 1 or Type 2 charging cable, this station has you covered. Furthermore, installation is a breeze with the choice of wall-mount or floor-stand configurations, providing adaptable solutions to fit your space requirements.

Experience the future of electric vehicle charging with the 02 Charge Home EV – where safety, intelligence, and flexibility converge to redefine the way you power your vehicle at home.

Technical features      
Charging capacity Upto 7kw Upto 11kw Upto 22kw
Input/Output power 230VAC±20%-50/60Hz-32A 1phase 400VAC±20%-50/60Hz 16A-3phase 400VAC±20%-50/60Hz 32A-3phase
RCD 30Ma RCD Type A and DC 6Ma RCD function
Standby power <3W
Measuring accuracy 1%
Energy Meter MID Certified
OCPP OCPP1.6 Json(OCPP2.0 optional)
Communication WIFI / Ethernet / 4G(Optional)
User interface LED / LCD(3.5″) / RFID(mifare iso& IEC 14443A)
Certificate/Compliance CE / EN/IEC 61851-1:2017, EN/IEC 61851-21-2:2018
Charging Interface Type 2 socket / 5M Cable
Special Protection Over current protection, Residual current protection, Ground protection, Surge protection, Over/Under voltage protection, Over/Under frequency protection, Over/Under temperature protection
Physical properties      
Warranty 2 years
Protection IP54, IK10
Enclosure Plastic PC940/ Galvanized steel
Front Panel Temper glass
Installation Wall-mount/Pole-mount
Cooling Natural cooling
Operating temperature -30℃ to +55℃
Humidity Max.95%(non-regulating
Product Dimensions 320*230*100(L*W*H)mm
Package Dimension 465*325*270(L*W*H)mm
Net Weight 5.1kg 5.5kg 5.5kg
Gross Weight 5.8kg 6.2kg 6.5kg


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