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    Portable EV Charger

    O2 Charge AmpArcade A05

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    O2 Charge AmpArcade A04

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O2 Charge AmpArcade A05

Precio habitual €2.099,00 EUR
Precio de venta €2.099,00 EUR Precio habitual €2.199,00 EUR
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 Commercial EV Charger - Fast Charging with Flexible Installation Options

Introducing the O2Charge AmpArcade A05 Commercial EV Charger, a versatile and high-performance electric vehicle charging solution designed to meet the demands of the modern world. This EV charger is built with cutting-edge technology to provide fast and reliable charging for electric vehicles. Whether you're looking for a single-gun charger with various amperage options, flexible installation choices, or advanced features, the O2Run E12-32A/48A/96A-02 has you covered.

Key Features of O2Charge AmpArcade A04 Commercial EV Charger:

✅ OCPP 1.6j: This EV charger supports the OCPP 1.6j protocol, ensuring seamless communication and compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles and network management systems.

✅ Variable Amperage Options: The O2Run E12-32A/48A/96A-02 offers flexibility in charging power. Choose from 32A (7.36KW), 48A (11KW), or 96A (22KW) options to suit your specific charging needs.

✅ Universal Voltage Compatibility: With support for 220-240VAC and 50/60Hz, this charger can adapt to various electrical systems, making it suitable for a range of environments. The 5.5-meter charging cable provides extra reach and convenience.

✅ Charging Connector Type: Equipped with a Type 2 IEC_62196-2016 charging connector, the O2Run E12-32A/48A/96A-02 ensures compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles.

✅ Connectivity Options: Stay connected with 4G, LAN, and Wi-Fi connectivity options. Additionally, this charger supports POS (Point of Sale) integration, a forward-thinking feature that aligns with the latest CTEP regulations.

✅ Versatile Installation: Whether you prefer wall-mounted or pedestal-mounted installation, the O2Run E12-32A/48A/96A-02 provides the flexibility to cater to your project's specific requirements.

Upgrade your charging infrastructure with the O2Run E12-96A-02 Commercial EV Charger and provide a fast, flexible, and compliant solution for EV owners. Charge your electric vehicles with confidence and efficiency, and enhance your commitment to a sustainable future.

Dimensions :

Length-0.75m Width- 0.35m Height-0.20m

Input Voltage, Frequency 230+ 15% 50/60 Hz
LCD and LED LCD display charging message RGB LED show different charger status
Protection Over Voltage protection, Under voltage protection, Over current protection, Over temperature protection. Leakage protection, Ground detection protection

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